Videos on Tiktok

Well, I’ve started to put short videos on Tiktok. I’ve had to use my old phone so far, but at least it’s a simple process. However, I’m looking at other cameras so that I can make the sound and video a bit better.

Why do this? Partly it’s a self-serving thing, a showcase for getting some more bookings, especially for dances. It’s also, of course, a way to show off a bit of (mostly) English folk/traditional music.

Below is a test of posting one of these videos (it’s the second one I put on there) onto this website.

@andrew_wigglesworth Look, it's a melodeon. A video to see how the melodeon comes over using this old phone. Tune, "All in a garden green", a traditional English dance tune. #melodeon #englishfolk #englishfolkmusic #countrydance #ceilidh #englishfolkdance ♬ original sound - Andrew_Wigglesworth
Andrew Wigglesworth
Melodeon and whistle player

Slightly obsessed with playing traditional music.