Just a few links.

Me on other places on the web.

  • Soundcloud - I have a few tunes posted here. It’s useful for hosting and it’s a quite popular site for people searching for music.
  • Bandlab - Bandlab (like basically all of the of the music hosting sites) focuses on pop music/beats/loops/rap etc and even has a proprietary mixer for such things. None of this is of any interest to me, except for their minimal automated “mastering” and uncapped hosting.
  • Greenman Rising - I play with this band.
  • Tiktok - I’ve started putting up some short videos on Tiktok.



  • Chiff and fipple - tin whistle discussion forum.
  • The big whistle - A shop with lots of whistles.
  • Generation whistles - Made by a small company in Oswestry, Shropshire, known around the world and iconic in folk and traditional music. Great affordable instruments that I’ve played for decades.

British whistle makers

This list is not made in some fit of patriotic fervour, it’s just that a British person buying from a British maker will avoid the costs of importing a whistle and have the convenience of a maker that is relatively close-by in case of problems.

There are a great variety of whistle manufacturers in Britain, from the mass manufactured right through to expensive “boutique” instruments from individual makers.

Listed in alphabetical order.

Added because Belfast is in customs terms in the same area:

Other folk and trad stuff.

Andrew Wigglesworth
Melodeon and whistle player

Slightly obsessed with playing traditional music.