Andrew Wigglesworth

Opening comments

This is a listing of tunes that I remember that I know.

It doesn't include all those session tunes that I only remember when someone else starts them, or all those tunes that I've forgotten I know.

This sort of list could be made by most folk or traditional musicians.

It's a slightly structured listing, but that is an evolving process, as is putting in notes and posting recordings of each tune (or at least links to other people playing them).

This is mostly a resource to help me and band/session members I play with, but others may eventually find it useful or interesting. We should always try to share these folk dance tunes.

To those interested, the list is kept in Emacs org-mode and which is published using org publish.

Table of Contents

1 Complex time (jigs, slides, slip-jigs, lancashire hornpipes, marches)

1.1 Alexandrine March

I picked up "Marche Alexandrine" from an old Old Hat Band recording many years ago. It is from Quebec.

I was only able to find it online recently. It's also not in any of my music books.

1.2 Behind the haystack

One of the first Irish session tune that I learnt when it was played regularly in sessions at The Foresters and Broomfield Tavern in Coventry in the 1990's.

1.3 Bill Hartes Favourite

1.4 Black joke, The

1.5 Blarney pilgrim

1.6 Boan-op-stekker

1.7 Bonnets so blue

1.8 Camels are coming, The

1.9 Captain Lanoe's quickmarch

1.10 Cock 'o the north

Northern English/Scottish, or just about everywhere.

1.11 Connaught man's rambles

1.12 Constant Billy

1.13 Dennis Murphy's slide

1.14 Donnybrook fair

1.15 Father O'Flynn

1.16 Family jig

AKA Major Mackie's Jig

From the playing of Bob Cann (west country), though it is originally a Scottish tune (ie. Major Mackie's).

1.17 Gleanntan Frolics

1.18 Go to the devil and shake yourself

1.19 Hullichan jig

1.20 Hunt the squirrel

Learnt early on from somewhere or other. Most likely sessions or dance bands. A good tune for the dance "Good man of Ballangeigh"

1.21 Johnny get yer hair cut

1.22 Kempshott hunt

1.23 Kesh jig

1.24 Lark in the morning, The

1.25 Lemonville, The

1.26 Little burnt potato, The

1.27 Merrily kiss the Quaker

1.28 Month of May

1.29 Moon and seven stars

1.30 Morgan rattler

1.31 Morrison's Jig

1.32 Munster buttermilk

Irish double jig.

I play this with a local variation. Instead of going up to the higher octave in the B music, it goes down an octave.

1.33 News of the Victory

1.34 Oats, beans and peas

1.35 Off she goes

1.36 Old favourite, The

1.37 Out on the ocean

1.38 Oyster Girl

Another ubiquitous English jig, learnt from somewhere or other.

1.39 Paddy Carey's

1.40 Padraig O'Keefe's slide

1.41 Patsy Geary's

1.42 Quarryman, The

1.43 Rakes of Kildare

1.44 Rogues march

1.45 Skattery island

1.46 Spirit of the dance

A very nice English jig. Apparently it is included in the Thomas Hardy manuscripts.

1.46.1 ABC

X: 1
T: Spirit Of The Dance
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G2D E2D|G2D E2D|GAB cde|dBA G3:|
|:DFA c3|B3 A3|ABc d2e|c2d B3|
GAB c3|B3 A3|cde dBG|B2A G3:|

X: 2
T: Spirit Of The Dance
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj

1.47 Star above the garter, The

1.48 Swaggering Boney

1.49 Swallow's nest, The

1.50 Sweets of May

1.51 Tenpenny bit

1.52 Tiger Smith's jig

AKA Oscar Wood's jig

Learnt from a recording of old English (East Anglian) melodeon players where Tiger Smith played it. A good English jig for dancing.

1.53 Tripping upstairs

1.54 Uncle's jig

From the playing of Bob Cann. A Scottish tune originally I think.

1.55 Valiant, The

1.56 When daylight shines

1.57 Willie Atkinson's favourite

2 Common time (reels, polkas, rants)

2.1 3 kerry polkas

2.2 A curenta

2.3 Albert Farmer's fireside polka

2.4 As the tide was flowing

2.5 Babes in the wood

2.6 Battle of Aughrim

2.7 Bear dance

2.8 Billy Harrison's Father's Polka

2.9 Black horse polkas

2.10 Blue eyed stranger

2.11 Bobby shaftoe (Sleights sword dance)

2.12 Bonny breast knots

2.13 Bonny Kate

2.14 Botton of the punchbowl

2.15 Bricks and mortar

2.16 Brighton Camp

2.17 Brittania Nutters

2.18 Chain cotillon

2.19 Cochon Chine

Learnt whilst playing and dancing for a local border morris team in the 1990's.

2.20 Cooley's Reel

2.21 Cornish circle dance

2.22 Curley headed ploughboy

2.23 Dark girl dressed in blue

2.24 Davy davy knick knack

2.25 Donkey riding

2.26 Dorset four hand reel

2.27 Double lead through

2.28 Down the road

2.29 Duke of Perth

2.30 Durham rangers

2.31 ECMW reel

2.32 Enrico

2.33 Eunyssagh Vona

A tune from the Isle of Man

2.34 Far from home

2.35 Fireside Polka

2.36 Foul weather call

2.37 From night till morn

2.38 Gallopede

2.39 Gaspe Reel, The

2.40 Ger the rigger

2.41 Grandpa's polka

2.42 Harper's Frolics

2.43 Hesleyside reel

2.44 I have a bonnet trimmed in blue

2.45 I looked east and I looked west

2.46 In and out the windows

2.47 Jenny Lind

2.48 Jolly sheepskins

2.49 Kafoozalum

2.50 Keel row

2.51 Knocknagow

2.52 La Bastrinque

2.53 La ganivelle

2.54 La Russe

Tune for the dance of the name.

2.55 Lads a bunchum

2.56 Lasses pisses brandy

2.57 Lichfield Tatoo

2.58 LNB Polka (La Roulante)

2.59 Mad moll

2.60 Mickey chewing bubblegum

2.61 Miss McLeod's

2.62 Mount Hills

2.63 Not the Wiltshire six hand reel

Not the Wiltshire six hand reel … because it isn't. I'll track down the proper name of this tune one day.

Anyone who hears me playing and knows the proper name, feel free to tell me :-)

2.64 Oh Joe the boat is going over

2.65 Old Molly Oxford

2.66 Old Tom of Oxford

2.67 Over the hills

2.68 Pigeon on the gate

More of an idea than a tune it is said. The pigeon on the gate seems to have had as many versions as players.

This one was played by Scan Tester and is often known as "Scan Tester's country step dance".

2.69 Piper in the meadow

2.70 Portsmouth

2.71 Princess Royal

A morris tune.

2.71.1 Recording

2.72 Prince William

2.73 Rattlin' bog

2.74 Redowa Polka??

2.75 Redwing (Union maid)

2.76 Rochdale coconut dance

2.77 Salmon tails

2.78 Scan Tester's No.1 polka

2.79 Scan Tester's No.1 step dance

2.80 Scan Tester's No.2 polka

2.81 Serpentina och konfetti

2.82 Shepherd's Hey, Fieldtown

Often referred to as "Signposts" from a move in the Fieldtown morris dance.

2.83 Shepherds's hey

2.84 Shreds and patches

2.85 Silver Spear, The

2.86 Silverton Polka

2.87 Speed the plough

The English national anthem. Well … it should be! :-D

2.88 Buffoon, The

2.89 Fairy dance, The

2.90 Sloe, The

2.91 Tanner man, The

2.92 Teetotaller, The

2.93 Tipsy parson, The

2.94 Triumph, The

2.95 Three round three (Pleasures of the town)

2.96 Tin gee gee

2.97 Tip Top polka

2.98 Toss the feathers

2.99 Tralee Gaol

2.100 Trunkles

2.101 Turkey in the straw

2.102 Walter Bulwer's No. 1

2.103 White Cockade

2.104 Whitehaven volunteers

2.105 Wiltshire six hand reel

2.106 Winster gallop

2.107 Woodland revels

2.108 Young Collins

3 Hornpipes & Schottishes

3.1 Alexander's Hornpipe

3.2 Boys of school hill

3.3 Click go the shears

3.4 Cliff Hornpipe, The

3.5 Fanny Frail

3.6 Garland dance, The

3.7 Grandfather's Polka

If you play Grandfather's Polka, followed by Fanny Frail and the Cliff Hornpipe, then think about their relationship with Harvest home … you'll start to get some idea of how the folk process changes and adapts tunes, and spreads them around Britain and Ireland in different related forms.

Not to forget the to and fro from North America (listen to the Cincinnati Hornpipe), Australia and New Zealand and with some tunes many other parts of the world.

3.8 Harliquin Air, The

3.9 Hunting the hare

3.10 Jackie Robinson

3.11 Lemmie Brazil's No. 1

3.12 Lemmie Brazil's No. 2

3.13 Madame Bonaparte

3.14 Malt Shovel Hornpipe, The

3.15 Off to California

3.16 Portobello hornpipe

Learnt from a piano accordion player at the CovTrad session.

3.17 Redesdale Hornpipe

Written by James Hill

3.17.1 Youtube

These players play the tune differently to me, but much of what they do often appears as "variations" in my playing.

3.18 Roxborough Castle

3.19 Shepton Mallett Hornpipe

3.20 Sportsman's Hornpipe, The

3.21 Steamboat Hornpipe, The

3.22 Swiss boy, The

3.23 Three sea captains

3.24 Tom Fowler's hornpipe

4 Marches

4.1 Centenary march, The

4.2 Dr Fauster's Tumblers

4.3 Eynesham march

4.4 Grand Turks March, The

4.5 Jimmy Garson's march

4.6 La Morisque

4.7 Marching through Georgia

4.8 Moncks march

5 Waltzes

5.1 Elizabeth Claire

5.2 Kinnersley house

5.3 Lovely Nancy

5.4 Man in the moon, The

5.5 Peeping pup waltz

5.6 Percy Brown's waltz for the Veleta

5.7 South wind, The

5.8 Ville de Quebec